Tuesday, June 8, 2010

June's Band to keep an eye on - VersaEmerge

2009 seemed to be a huge year for female fronted bands, with the likes of Paramore finally blowing up in terms of worldwide popularity and with VersaEmerge slowly but surely carving their very own path to the top. Formerly a five piece, VE lost two members over the course of the year – Anthony Martone (Drums) and Jerry Pierce (Guitar) – both due to personal reasons, yet the group continued and have come back strong ready to drop their highly anticipated debut album this summer. According to a couple of tweets, Chris Pollock is currently filling in as the drummer for the band. It has not been announced whether this is permanent or temporary.

Their experimental-style melodies teamed with Sierra Kusterbeck (Vocals) and Blake Harnage’s (Guitar/Vocals) almost classical style vocals have meant that critics are keeping a close eye on the band. Whilst some simply pass them off as ‘copycats’, most seem to have noticed that VE’s unique musical creations place them well above the average band of today, their dedication and professionalism have earned them much respect

Fixed At Zero Album is set to drop June 22nd


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