Friday, July 22, 2011

Mother monsters millinery mission

Lady Gaga clearly has an appreciation for high fashion, and now the pop star is putting that passion into her new job as an intern for designer Philip Treacy, the man behind Princess Beatrice’s famous fascinator and Carrie Bradshaw’s feathered wedding piece.

"She plans to [intern]. She's already visited me". Treacy explained. "This is what happened: one Monday morning, four burly bodyguards arrived – Lady Gaga's security team – to check out the security of the building. I looked at them as if to say: what?! Who is going to take a pot shot at Lady Gaga? Anyway, she is young, talented and peculiar – which I like."

Personally, I think this is awesome. Gaga loves hats and what better way to fuel your passion by studying under one of the best!!. I wonder what her first line of head wear will look like?

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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Rebecca Black has a moment - What do you think?

After making a name for herself thanks to her viral "Friday" video, Rebecca Black has returned with a followup offering titled "My Moment".

Compiling highlights from her post-"Friday" doings, Rebecca Black's "My Moment" video includes footage from her last day of junior high, her attendance at movie premieres, and her gig hosting MTV’s Online Music Awards.

What do you think has she had her moment or is this just the beginning?

Rebecca Black - My Moment

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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Luger Boa at Butlers Reef

Jimmy Christmas likes New Plymouth so much his band planned their latest tour around it.

"We played at Butlers Reef at New Year and it was pretty amazing. There was a great crowd, so we wanted to make sure we came back for a Saturday night gig," Christmas says.

The frontman of rock band Luger Boa says the group love performing live.

They hit the road with opening band Black River Drive and will perform in Taranaki on July 30.

"We have a responsibility to go out on the road and give something special. We're not a band that just plays their record. We want it to be more exciting, overwhelming - a sensory experience."

Since their last album release more than two years ago, they have opened for Kings of Leon, cranked up their airplay on radio and toured the country.

How successful have they been then?

"Depends how you define success. It's a great achievement to make a second album. And to have a band that's tight and together - personalities are always a consideration and we've cracked that. Plus we've got an exciting live act."

He says this could be the band's last national tour, as they try and crack the international market.

Think Australia, Europe, Japan and the United States.

The key is knowing what you're trying to achieve, he says.

One song he tips to be of good value is the new single The Same Things, which has been a crowd favourite already.

"You know it's good when they've only heard it once before and it has the power to move an audience."

While he hopes the Taranaki crowds will be receptive, he's also hanging out to hit the surf here, which he's never experienced.

"I've got a new warm wetsuit, I might have to give it a crack. So if there's anybody out there who wants to take me for a wave or point me in the right direction let me know."

Luger Boa and Black River Drive play Butlers Reef, Saturday July 30 at 8pm. Pre-sale tickets $20, door sales $25.

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Friday, July 15, 2011

Nintendo Entertainment System released today

It's almost been 20 years since the NES was released, so to celebrate I found some remakes in their 8 bit glory!!!

Following a series of arcade game successes in the early 1980s, Nintendo made plans to produce a cartridge-based console. Masayuki Uemura designed the system, which was released in Japan on July 15, 1983 for ¥14,800.

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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Lady Gaga's next award ceremony carriage?

The Flaming Lips' frontman Wayne Coyne like to connect with his audience by surfing the crowd in a giant human hamster ball! I can just see Lady Gaga turning up to an award ceremony in one of these, and the orginsers scratching their head on how to seat her :)

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Friday, July 8, 2011

Collectively blow your mind

For your 21st as a group do something mind-blowing before the party - bungy jump, sky dive...

It will be something you all remember for a life time (unless you go to Vegas and take some roofies)

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