Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Vote Uruti

Help this school of 8 students win a big cash prize by watching their video :)

Imagine how long it would take this tiny school to fund raise $10,000!

Watch it below post it on your facebook or tweet it out!

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Fun Fact #16: David Bowie led a mime troupe

In late 1968, David Bowie briefly led a trio called Feathers, which also included his girlfriend Hermione Fatheringale on vocals and guitar, and guitarist John "Hutch" Hutchinson.

They were a multi-media group that, in addition to performing songs by Bowie and Jacques Brel, used tape recordings and mime.

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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Top songs for Easter

With out getting into the religious side of Easter here are the top 5 songs for Easter.

Enjoy and don't eat too many Easter Eggs! :)

#5 Rabbit in your headlight - Unkle

#4 Happy Rabbit - Breakbot

#3 Are you the rabbit? - Marilyn Manson

#2 Run Rabbit Run - The Hoosiers

Taking out the top spot is....

#1 White Rabbit - Jefferson Airplane

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Monday, April 18, 2011

No 'Beliebers'going to his movie.

Stuff.co.nz - It would appear Justin Bieber is not immune to high school rejections after suffering an epic fail on his first two showings in Palmerston North, despite being the most popular adolescent on the planet.

His movie Never Say Never hit the big screen yesterday, and if it wasn't for the incessant screams of the "beliebers" on screen, you could have heard a pin drop in that theatre – not because the Palmerston North variety were watching with bated breath, but because they weren't there.

Never Say Never screened to an empty theatre at its first showing, while the
next after-school session at 3.30pm attracted 15 people.

The movie, which follows the Canadian teen singing sensation throughout his 2010 concert tour, has grossed well over NZ$100 million at the worldwide box office in the 13 weeks it has been showing.

Downtown Cinemas manager Kaye Hendricks said yesterday the complex was waiting for the "beliebers" to come out in full force over the weekend and the school holidays.

So far, pre-booked ticket sales have been low, but Mrs Hendricks said children usually just turned up at the time of the screening to buy tickets.

More than 500 tickets pre-sold to the premier midnight screening of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part One, in November last year, many to high school students who had an NCEA exam the next day.

But compared to the loyal Harry Potter diehards, the slightly younger generation of beliebers may have a more difficult time in getting their parents to sit through it too.

Never Say Never is available to audiences in 3D as well as 2D

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Friday, April 15, 2011

Perez picks Kiwi singer Zowie for stardom

FRONT ROW SEAT: Kiwi singer Zowie performs with celebrity blogger Perez Hilton watching on.
Stuff.co.nz  He predicted Lady Gaga's success and foresaw Katy Perry's rise to fame. Now celebrity blogger Perez Hilton is picking a Kiwi musician to be the next big thing.

Hilton named Zoe "Zowie" Fleury as one of the top five artists to watch in 2011 after posting her first single Broken Machine on his website late last year.

And after she was confirmed to play music showcase SXSW in Austin, Texas, the internet king personally requested she play at his exclusive showcase.

"He asked us to play and it was a really good show. He was standing side of stage singing along the whole time," she told Stuff.co.nz.

"He's really lovely, really nice. He's really cheeky and nice."

Zowie, formerly known as Bionic Pixie, says the idea of being pinpointed alongside the likes of Lady Gaga is hard to take in.

"It is surreal. It's very, very cool and it's awesome to have his support. But it is a weird feeling. He is very good at predicting the future."

Since Hilton posted her video on his gossip blog in August, a whole new audience has opened up to her space-inspired pop, she said.

"There have been lots of fans from the States, fans on Facebook and plays on MySpace - everything has just gone crazy. He's got a lot of power and he's such a music lover so it's been awesome for us."

She says SXSW, an international music showcase featuring hundreds of international bands and musicians, was like nothing she had ever seen before.

"It was insane, I can't even explain it. It's so weird and cool. It just kind of felt like a Big Day Out sort of jammed into about five streets, with bands every five metres. It was really, really cool."

She says the feedback has been resoundingly positive since the show on Saturday.

"It's been so good. I've been reading some really good reviews and the way they've received the Zowie project has been really cool, like "Ziggy Stardust space child" and things like that, so I like that."

Zowie is in the final stages of finishing her debut album, which she says should be released towards the middle of the year.

Currently up on Perez Hilton's website is Zowie's lates video- Bite Back

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Thursday, April 14, 2011

New world record holder in need of a nap

 Scott Campbell  IMAGE: Jonni Pannekoek
News Wire.co.nz - It took 185 sleepless hours filled with stress, wet wipes and the occasional hallucination, but a determined DJ has officially broken a world record.

Scott “Snap” Campbell achieved his goal of racking up more than 183 consecutive hours on air, at the same time raising more than $7600 for Christchurch, his hometown.

“I’m definitely relieved it’s over,” Campbell says.
“It was honestly the hardest thing I’d ever had to do in my life and it was a bit touch and go at times, but I’m proud we got there in the end.”

The Guinness World Record previously stood at 183 hours.

Showering was replaced by a quick, partially-clothed scrub down with wet wipes performed on the studio webcam, and limited opportunities for sleep occasionally resulted in hallucinations.

“There were times when my crew would wake me up and I’d get up, but I wasn’t really with it so I’d still be kind of dreaming. One morning I was convinced two of my best mates were trying to kidnap me and kill me, and I was just sort of playing along and saying what they wanted me to say on air until I could find a way to get away from them,” Campbell says.

“Coming out of that and realising I’d been basically hallucinating the whole thing was completely bloody terrifying.”

Campbell will use his experiences later this year when he attempts to break records for longest team radio show performed while suspended upside down, and the longest show done while naked.

He was disappointed they weren’t able to raise more money, blaming lack of mainstream media coverage for people not being aware of the project.

The money raised for World Record for Christchurch will be donated to the Christchurch Earthquake Appeal.

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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Gaga sticks up for Rebecca Black

Stuff.co.nz Rebecca Black has another famous fan: Lady Gaga.

At a Musicians@Google event on Tuesday, Gaga stuck up for the 13-year-old singer - who has been widely mocked on the Internet for her song, Friday.

"I think it's fantastic," Gaga said of Black's fame through YouTube, where she has more than 35 million streams.

"I say Rebecca Black is a genius and anyone that's telling her she's cheesy is full of shit," Gaga went on, although she noted that she hasn't seen the video. Over the weekend, Simon Cowell defended Black as well.

Black says she has been cyber bullied for her song, which she recorded after her mom paid US$2000 to LA-based Ark Studios.

According to Billboard.biz estimates, she's making about US$27,000 a week from iTunes sales and YouTube streams.

During her long visit at Google's headquarters in Mountain View, California, dubbed 'Google Goes Gaga', the singer plugged Google Moderator, a tool her fans use to submit text or video questions.

"At Google, we've seen Gaga build her career by embracing technology, as well as constantly innovating for her fans," said the company's Marissa Mayer.


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Monday, April 11, 2011

Gerry and the Pacemakers love pussy

Stuff.co.nz A cat from Hamilton has become the latest member of a 1960s British band after being discovered in the back of a truck in Invercargill.

Mozzie the cat toured with Gerry and the Pacemakers and was only discovered in the south when the group kicked off its New Zealand tour in Invercargill. On Friday (8-April) they returned to Hamilton to perform at the Founder Theatre, and reunite Mozzie with Mr de Bruin.

Group promoter Layton Lillas said Mozzie must have snuck into the back of their truck when they were loading it up in Hamilton before starting the tour.

STOWAWAY: Sound and lighting technicians Kyle Evelyn (right) and Scott Williams with Mr Williams' next door neighbour's cat, Mozzie, who is travelling with Gerry and the Pacemakers after he snuck into the road crew's truck.
The cat had travelled unnoticed and was discovered when they arrived in Invercargill for the opening night, he said.

When unloading the truck the crew heard a "meowing" noise that was firstly mistaken for a ringtone on a mobile phone, he said.

The band started to make arrangements to send the cat back home, but with a such a tight schedule it was easier to take him along as a tour mascot, he said.

"He's loveable ... he's travelling around with some celebrities ... he's almost becoming a celebrity himself."

Mozzie's owners, who were neighbours of the sound engineer in Hamilton, were contacted and were happy for him to continue touring, he said.

In Invercargill, he roamed around the Civic Theatre stage before settling in his cage with a blanket, Mr Lillas said.

"The only thing the cat asks is that he is let out to the toilet and that we look the other way."

Mozzie will now accompany the band through to Wellington and will then be flown home to Hamilton.

Cat owner Hendri de Bruin said he noticed Mozzie was missing on Monday and had asked neighbours, the vet and the SPCA if they had seen him.

"In the back on our minds we had declared him dead," he said.

However, when he received the call to say Mozzie was safe and sound, and in Invercargill, he replied: "oh my gosh, are you serious?"

"It was sort of amazing ... we didn't expect him to go all the way to Invercargill ... that's just crazy."

Mozzie was a loving cat who enjoyed cuddling and slept on his chest every night, Mr de Bruin said.

The cost to fly him back would have been $170, which he could not afford, so they agreed to let Mozzie stay on the tour.

"He sounds very happy ... it will be pretty cool when we re-unite."

Civic Theatre operations manager Garnet Ashbrook said Mozzie was found tucked away in the truck under one of the speakers.

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Friday, April 8, 2011

20 Years today since Massive Attack - Blue Lines was released

Blue Lines is the debut album by British electronica group Massive Attack, released on 8 April 1991 UK (6 August 1991 US) by Virgin Records.

Blue Lines is generally considered the first trip hop album, although the term was not coined until years later. The album was a success in the United Kingdom, reaching #13 in the albums chart; sales were limited elsewhere. A fusion of electronic music, hip hop, dub music, '70s soul music and reggae, the album established Massive Attack as one of the most innovative British bands of the 1990s and the founder of trip hop's Bristol Sound. Music critic Simon Reynolds stated that the album also marked a change in electronic/dance music, "a shift toward a more interior, meditational sound. The songs on Blue Lines run at 'spliff' tempos — from a mellow, moonwalking 90 beats per minute ...down to a positively torpid 67 bpm." The group also drew inspiration from concept albums in various genres by artists such as Pink Floyd, Public Image Ltd., Billy Cobham, Herbie Hancock and Isaac Hayes.

Blue Lines featured breakbeats, sampling, and rapping on a number of tracks, but the design of the album differed from traditional hip hop. Massive Attack approached the American-born hip hop movement from an underground British perspective, as well as incorporating live instruments into the mixes. It features the vocals of Shara Nelson and Horace Andy, along with the rapping of Tricky Kid. Blue Lines proved to be popular in the club scene, as well as on college radio stations.

What do you think is it still as good as it was 20 years ago, or has it past its used by date?

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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Ozzy Snorts Fire Ants to show off

Fun Fact #109: Ozzy Snorts Fire Ants
Everyone knows the story about Ozzy biting a head off a bat, onstage in 1982 (he thought it was a fake one). Less well known is the time he snorted a line of fire ants in a bid to impress Motley Crue’s Nikki Sixx.

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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Putting P Money on a plane for Purple Paddocks

Award-winning and internationally recognised New Zealand DJ - P Money - who is now based in New York, will star at Purple Paddocks on April 23, Easter Weekend.

"When I contacted him he said he wasn't going to be in the country but if I wanted to shell out for the flights then he'd do it," Mr Lamb, the owner of New Plymouth's Club 55, said.

"So I'm literally flying him in from New York for the night."

The festival has undergone some big changes this year, most notably the venue. Previously it has been held in a paddock on farmland but will move to the Okurukuru Winery this year.

"I want people's perception of Purple Paddocks to be a legitimate dance party. In the past people have seen it as an underground rave in a random location," Mr Lamb said.

"With this location and the entertainment lineup I'm taking it to another level. I think that the lineup is easily as good as any other dance event in the country."

Last year close to 2500 people attended the festival over two days while more than 850 revellers attended the first year's gig .

Mr Lamb said he was expecting another huge turnout to the gig, which has a late licence allowing them to sell alcohol after midnight on Easter Saturday.

Mr Lamb said he recognised with Kora playing at Butler's Reef on Friday night it placed a lot of financial strain on people.

"So we've tried to make it more financially feasible for people to attend both gigs," he said.

Tickets went on sale at the weekend and were in demand.

"There's a lot of people coming home from uni and they're dragging all of their mates to New Plymouth for Purple Paddocks," Mr Lamb said.

"We're gaining a reputation for putting on a good quality event, with top class entertainment."

A bus service will be running to and from the event. Mr Lamb said when the bus returns to New Plymouth it will drive around the suburbs dropping people off.

Other acts will include Croatians Maya and Vanya, General Lee - New Zealand's only official Ministry of Sound DJ, Gina Cat from Canada and Sliva MC.

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