Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Putting P Money on a plane for Purple Paddocks

Award-winning and internationally recognised New Zealand DJ - P Money - who is now based in New York, will star at Purple Paddocks on April 23, Easter Weekend.

"When I contacted him he said he wasn't going to be in the country but if I wanted to shell out for the flights then he'd do it," Mr Lamb, the owner of New Plymouth's Club 55, said.

"So I'm literally flying him in from New York for the night."

The festival has undergone some big changes this year, most notably the venue. Previously it has been held in a paddock on farmland but will move to the Okurukuru Winery this year.

"I want people's perception of Purple Paddocks to be a legitimate dance party. In the past people have seen it as an underground rave in a random location," Mr Lamb said.

"With this location and the entertainment lineup I'm taking it to another level. I think that the lineup is easily as good as any other dance event in the country."

Last year close to 2500 people attended the festival over two days while more than 850 revellers attended the first year's gig .

Mr Lamb said he was expecting another huge turnout to the gig, which has a late licence allowing them to sell alcohol after midnight on Easter Saturday.

Mr Lamb said he recognised with Kora playing at Butler's Reef on Friday night it placed a lot of financial strain on people.

"So we've tried to make it more financially feasible for people to attend both gigs," he said.

Tickets went on sale at the weekend and were in demand.

"There's a lot of people coming home from uni and they're dragging all of their mates to New Plymouth for Purple Paddocks," Mr Lamb said.

"We're gaining a reputation for putting on a good quality event, with top class entertainment."

A bus service will be running to and from the event. Mr Lamb said when the bus returns to New Plymouth it will drive around the suburbs dropping people off.

Other acts will include Croatians Maya and Vanya, General Lee - New Zealand's only official Ministry of Sound DJ, Gina Cat from Canada and Sliva MC.

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