Monday, March 14, 2011

Fun Fact #75: Kiss Comic In Blood

1977 Marvel Kiss Comic Book Cover. (Notice at the bottom of page saying "Printed in real Kiss blood"

In 1977 Marvel Comics and Kiss decided to do a series of comics called "Super Special Kiss". To ensure that the comic would sell well, Marvel and Kiss came up with a great marketing campaign. The comic would be printed in real Kiss blood. On February 21st, 1977 the band's blood was collected at the Nassau Coliseum and delivered to Borden Ink Plant in Depew, New York. Kiss made a special appearance at the plant and mixed their blood into the red ink.

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The 0800 Jukebox crew.


  1. If you got too much of a certain band members blood in your comic you were certain to get a contact high.

  2. HOWEVER.... The comic DOES NOT contain their blood! This has been explained by their late manager Bill Aucoin. They used the wrong ink! The ink that had their blood in it was actually used for a Sports Illustrated issue. In fact, I believe that S.I. issue has Big Bird on the cover. Now you know!

  3. Wow Derek, what a stuff up! Bet someone lost their job over that!


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