Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Get your image in a new music video

Be part of Katie Thompson's new video

http://www.katiethompson.co.nz/ - "To help get my song Impossible out there I am currently collecting photos from all over the world to create a music video for Impossible. The linking theme through out all the photos will be a heart. The heart in the photo may be painted on your face, made from pebbles, on your teeshirt, made with your hands, you and a whole heap of people in the shape of a heart - what ever you can think - the more creative the better!!"

What a fantastic idea spread the word and sperad the love <3

Until next time keep rockin'
The 0800 Jukebox crew.


  1. Hey there - thank you for letting people know about my music video. Sorry the link is broken - I changed it just to my front page - www.katiethompson.co.nz

  2. Hi Katie, Happy to spread the word and just love the idea! We have updated the post to the new link :) Cant wait to see the final product!


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