Thursday, June 2, 2011

West Coast School of Rock creating young stars

Young stars of the rock 'n roll future got their first chance to shine at a open mic night at New Plymouth West Coast School of Rock on Saturday.

ROCK ON: Martin Leith, 15, and 
his band the Midday Elders knew
how to the work the crowd.
Marking the end of Youth Week the gig attracted 15 acts and close to 100 fans and was successful enough that it is likely to be held again, said school founder Lisa Tahuaroa yesterday.

"The whole thing is finding for young people what their potential is and sending them there. It's about getting them out there to perform and produce the next generation of rock and roll stars," Mrs Tahuaroa said.

Along with her husband Rimu, the couple could well be responsible for turning New Plymouth from a town known for its gas and dairy industries into one known for its musicians.

Since starting the school of rock from their home five years ago, the business has grown to employ nine people and include a school for rocking toddlers.

Some of their former students came back to perform on Saturday. "We are all about giving them the independence to go off and be able to do what they want to do without us but they can come back any time. This is a family business. This is what we want to be doing, giving people one little step on the way to their dreams," Mrs Tahuaroa said.

Matt Rilkoff - Taranaki Daily News

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