Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Blink-182 - New album Neighborhoods

Eight years since Blink-182 released their last album. Frontman Mark Hoppus has said the band are expanding beyond their radio friendly punk sound for the album, and "Up All Night" kicks off with some experimental (well, for Blink-182) guitar riffage and a quasi-ska drum beat.

You can download the song by heading here and "fixing" the boken sign. (It took me 21 goes!!)

Yet another song from their forthcoming album Neighborhoods. "Heart's All Gone"

And just released After Midnight. Band member Mark Hoppus told BBC Radio 1 that 'After Midnight' was a song written and recorded after they had postponed their UK tour - so there is a silver lining.

Neighborhoods, drops September 27th via Geffen Records.

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