Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Slash's new addiction

Slash is coming to Australia for a headline show in Melbourne to launch MTV Classic and his new record.

That new album features collaborations with Ian Astbury, Izzy Stradlin, Dave Grohl, Duff McKagan, Chris Cornell, Iggy Pop and Andrew Stockdale, so it’s fair to suspect that the show won’t be a live recreation of the record with Slash joined on stage by all of his friends.

However it’s not just high profile guests that will be lacking from the show; Slash will also be playing without his trademarked ciggie hanging from his lip.

Slash has quit the cancer sticks, but he told FasterLouder recently that since quitting smoking he has developed a new addiction: Twitter. “It’s more addictive than smoking, I found that out the other week…It’s such a stupid f**king name though.”
Recent posts include ""U can't strum a Jelly fish."- Patrick" and photos like this one "Backstage before the gig at the Roxy. R & Fn' R! Iiiii|; ), " (got to love his smiley face with the top hat in his tweet)

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