Wednesday, January 19, 2011

yahoo!.xtra's - Eight wedding cakes we can't believe

Eight wedding cakes we can't believe from yahoo lifestyle

Ghostbusters cake

It's hard to imagine ordering any of these cakes, but the world is much more fun because some people do. This week, the cake making a scene was constructed by Baltimore's Charm City Cakes, known for their work on the show, Ace of Cakes. The cake begs questions about the couple's connection to Ghostbusters. Did the two meet as members of the original film crew, circa 1985? Are they both related to Rick Moranis? Do they have an exorcism practice together? No, DonnaMarie and Ricky just really really like the movie. So, they did what any GB fans would do, they asked the bakery to recreate the climax of the movie, in cake. The couple provided pictures of the scene, as well as the DVD for Charm City Cakes to reference. If you want to see the light-up component of the cake and pictures of the couple, you'll have to check out the bakery's blog.

Royal cake

Royal cakes go big. This sheet cake from the wedding of King Abdullah of Jordan to Queen Rania decided it had conquered enough horizontal space, and did what few sheet cakes have done before, it went vertical.

Barbie's palace cake

The ultimate punishment if he says he doesn't want to be involved with the wedding planning.

Hamburger cake

A little off topic, but she seems supportive.

Nintendo cake

Super Mario has this effect on some people.

Starry Night cake

The most over-exposed poster becomes a completely unique cake. Smart move.

Jdate cake

Likes: Kooky cakes. Hates: Independent coffee shops.

The "Me" cake

The groom may look back at this picture when he wonders if there were signs early on. Not self-obsessed at

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  1. they are some cool n wicked cakes by the way ! i wish i could do that :) x

  2. Barbie's cake is definitely every girls dream cake. The color is really lovely. It speaks for the women.


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