Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Blindspott (temporarily named Blacklist) new single

Blindspott has taken on the temporary name Blacklist to release their latest single – From The Blind Spot (watch the video below or you can download From The Blind Spot if you are with vodafone here)

You can write the story for their new video.

1. Watch this video
2. Go to blacklistmusic.co.nz follow the link to the facebook thread write your part of the story (In any sequence - before - after or during the Video we have made and we will edit and compile the full story)
3. They make your STORIES into our brand new video
4. They release the VIDEO on the net, NATIONAL Tv, and use it as a bonus feature with the CD single where you will get creative writing credits!!!)

PLUS - They will choose the 5 best entrants to help shoot and direct the video with them

The change in name follows a battle with former drummer Shelton Woolright over rights to the band’s name. Woolright left Blindspott following the band’s break up in 2007 and is now a member of the UK based I Am Giant. A case has been set down for hearing in Auckland District Court on March 24 to determine if the band can use the name.

Blindspott lead singer Damian Alexander said attempts of "a resolution of any goodwill" had failed and he and fellow band members, Marcus Powell, Gareth Fleming, Karl Vilisini and Tristan Reilly, were taking court action "reluctantly".

"It sucks actually. We're doing this for the love of the music and for our fans…We want to keep contributing to NZ in some way, it's very humbling and we just want to keep doing it…"

Until next time keep rockin'
The 0800 Jukebox crew.

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