Friday, March 4, 2011

smosh's 10 Songs We’d Like To See On Glee has come up with a list of songs they would like to be "Gleed"

One of the reasons Glee is so popular is that they cover so many cool songs—except for this season’s Britney Spears tribute show. But lately, their covers have been kind of boring…are they running out of ideas? They’ve even gotten desperate enough to have Bieber on the show. What’s next, Nickelback?

It’s time to shake things up again. I'd like to somehow convince the show’s producers that I know what’s best for Glee and nominate these songs for their consideration.

1. Lindsay Lohan’s “Rumors”

A LiLo cover (maybe even two or three!) would be an awesome framework for an episode in which Quinn becomes an alcoholic, goes to jail, goes to rehab and beats up a few nurses. I bet parents everywhere would LOVE that episode, especially if kids wrote “f*ck you” on their nails.

2. Ozzy Osbourne’s “Suicide Solution”

So many Ozzy songs would be perfect for the chipper little Glee kids, but I think 1980’s “Suicide Solution” wins for its uplifting lyrics: Evil thoughts and evil doings / Cold, alone you hang in ruins / Thought you'd escape the reaper / You can't escape the master keeper. And how cool would it be if Artie dressed up as Ozzy and ripped the head off a rat with his bare teeth and ate it?

3. Sir MixaLot’s “Baby Got Back”

I bet your mom would TOTALLY love an episode about guys who like girls with big butts! For some reason, I see Sue Sylvester singing it…

4. Barney’s “I Love You”

The Glee kids could do a little Stuffie cosplay and scare little kids by singing “I Love You” on a special episode in which the cast attends a Plushie convention in Vegas. Let’s just hope they aren’t the kind of Stuffies who like to “do it” in costume…

5. NWA’s “F--- the Police”

Universally condemned as the most shocking rap song ever recorded, “F--- the Police” has been banned just about everywhere—NWA even got an FBI smackdown. Puck would rock this song, though they'd have to change some of the lyrics like they did with the Cee Lo Green's song.

6. Marilyn Manson’s “Antichrist Superstar”

Covering a Marilyn Manson tune or two would make Glee really popular with Goths, most of whom probably find the show far too cheerful. “Antichrist Superstar” would be perfect because parents would happy their kids were learning about the dangers of the antichrist. It’s a twofer!

7. The Brady Bunch’s “Sunshine Day”

A Brady Bunch tribute episode is totally in Glee’s future, so I’m going to scoop the story now: Westdale High School is up for action because they can’t pay the back taxes, and the glee club must raise $20,000 to save the school from Sue Sylvester’s nefarious plan to turn it into a year-round cheer camp. Just in the nick of time, the kids learn about a singing contest whose first prize is the exact amount of money they need. Quinn would play Marsha, Finn would play Greg, and Rachel, of course, would play Jan.

8. Eminem’s “Kim”

We think a romantic cover of this song would be perfect for Kurt. Just think how beautiful his high tenor would sound when he sings: Now bleed! B*tch bleed! / Bleed! B*tch bleed! bleed!

9. Justin Timberlake and Andy Samberg’s “Mother Lover”

Since mothers don’t play a big part on the show, they’d have to adjust the song so Kurt sings about Finn’s mom and Finn sings about Kurt’s dad.

10. Tribute Show to Flava Flav

Best. Tribute. Episode. Ever. The kids could cover all the high points of Flav’s career, including his appearances on The Surreal Life and Flavor of Love. Since Amber is the only black person in the Glee cast, she’d have to play Flava. She’s going to look darned weird making out with Sue Sylvester, who would play Brigitte Nielsen…

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