Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Cool Auctions for Flight of the Concords and Anika Moa

Flight of the Concords guitar, signed by Jemaine Clement, Bret McKenzie, and Nigel Collins (their cellist and unofficial band member).

Rumour has it that this is the guitar Bret sold to pay his bills: 

Closes: Wed 16 Mar, 8:30 pm.

Another cool auction is a Ashton Guitar Starter Pack and Lesson with Anika Moa!

This is a priceless gift for a budding musician! In this pack you get a Ashton steel string acoustic Guitar, travel guitar bag, strap, spare strings, picks and DVD. However the best part is the kick-start to your career as a guitarist with an exclusive lesson with Anika Moa.

Closes: Wed 16 Mar, 8:00 pm

Until next time keep rockin'
The 0800 Jukebox crew.

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