Friday, May 24, 2013

Day 23 - Describe Your Perfect Day

NZCC 2013 Blog Challenge Day 23 - Describe Your Perfect Day
Being part of someone's perfect day is what we do :) Our jukeboxes have seen all kinds of perfect days - from weddings and birthdays to surprise parties and work dos. And because jukeboxes never rest, your party can rock on well into the next day!

We've collected jukeboxes that are still pumping 24 hours after we dropped them off - and Taranaki people know how to party! We've seen it all: beer can walls, 44 gallon drums filled with empty wine bottles, even a bride and groom missing their flight because they were still celebrating.

So, if you want non-stop music for your perfect day, a jukebox is the only way to go.

Until next time keep rockin'
The 0800 Jukebox crew.

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